Reseller Program

Reseller Program

Neural-Lotto’s highly specialized lottery predictions sell like hotcakes. With over 170 lotteries served worldwide, plus the world’s most powerful neural network applied to lotteries ever devised, it’s no wonder why. Neural-Lotto has the unique ability to also output results suitable for lotto wheeling systems, enabling the power-user to take advantage of his own research and apply this amazing computing tool to its fullest potential.

We won’t talk about the NeuralReality AI Engine’s spectacular features, characteristics and performance here—this has been delt with elsewhere within this site. If you don’t know what Neural-Lotto is about, feel free to click around the website to familiarize yourself with this astonishing method.

Now the real purpose of this page is to show you how to get started using the awesome selling power of Neural-Lotto to your advantage and start making serious money really fast. After all, that’s the reason why you’re reading this, right? So let’s get started…

Neural-Lotto’s specialized predictions are in demand the world over. They literally sell themselves over and over again, day after day, week after week, forever. Why? Because people have come to realize that only an advanced gargantuan neural network can offer these amazing results that no other system on Earth can rival. People all over the world are bringing home prizes they never dreamed of before. While Neural-Lotto is not God, and therefore cannot utterly guarantee someone will bring home the Jackpot within a few tries, it is several orders of magnitude closer as compared to random chance. People all over the world consistently get third, fourth and fifth place prizes. We know of 7 Jackpot wins across the world by our customers using Neural-Lotto’s predictions, while many have reported Jackpot misses by only 1 number!

Neural-Lotto sells thousands of lottery predictions every week to customers all over the world. However, customers must purchase every prediction individually, going through the checkout process every time, including PayPal. We know this is a burden on our loyal customers, which is why we have envisioned and developed the Neural-Lotto Reseller Program. This program helps our customers in two ways. First, a customer can now purchase a Promo Code worth several predictions. All that is needed now is to provide the Promo Code at checkout and the customer is graciously spared all the rest of the payment process. The whole process is simplified: the customer is not charged each and every time and gets to enjoy results quicker. Secondly, the customer gets to purchase a reusable Promo Code (from an Authorized Reseller) worth various predictions at a lower cost per prediction.

The end result? The customer is happy.

This program also helps Resellers. If customers purchase predictions directly from us, Resellers don’t get to make any money whatsoever. However, we offer greatly discounted prices to Resellers, which has a double benefit. First, as stated above, customers get to purchase reusable Promo Codes from Resellers at a lower price. Secondly, Resellers have greatly discounted bulk prices and get to sell tons of Neural-Lotto Promo Codes (which essentially sell themselves) making a huge profit while at the same time keeping their customers happy with lower prices. Neural-Lotto predictions cost the end user at least US$1.50, while Resellers can get them for as low as 48¢ each! Do the math.

The end result? The Reseller is happy.

What’s best is that Resellers get to make their own Promo Code packages and set their own prices (with a huge profit margin), and still make their customers very happy.

The Neural-Lotto Reseller Program helps Resellers make money in two very unique ways. First, if a Reseller is just starting out, the Reseller Program offers both manual bulk purchasing and manual Promo Code creation. The resulting Promo Code list can be downloaded in MS Excel format. The Reseller can then either manage the list manually or upload to their website for easy selling and distributing. Secondly, if the Reseller is of a more sophisticated and advanced type, the Reseller Program offers an automated Promo Code creation process. This means Resellers can create Promo Codes on-demand via their own websites once they have sold a custom package. In other words, Resellers can make money while they sleep, leaving the Promo Code creation process to be handled by their websites automatically.

Last but not least, the Neural-Lotto Reseller Program offers Resellers 10% free single-prediction Promo Codes (available only through the automated Promo Code creation process) that may be given away to new, potential customers, thereby boosting promotion to their Reseller websites, generating interest and traffic! You also get to place an ad on the Neural-Lotto website (main ad area) for an entire year absolutely free (valued at US$1,500.00)!

It’s a win-win-win situation: The Reseller wins (by generating huge profits and massive traffic), the Customer wins (by getting discounted prices and an easier checkout experience) and Neural-Lotto wins (by paving the way to create the next-generation NeuralReality AI Engine).

You’re probably very interested in getting started right away! We’ll show you how in a FEW EASY STEPS!



To be an effective Reseller, you will probably need to have a website. You will, of course, need to have a hosting plan, a domain, and have some website design in place, either by yourself or through a third-party developer. The rest of these instructions presuppose you already own a website and can get some development done on it.


Step 1

Become a Registered User
You will need to sign-up to Neural-Lotto as if you were a regular, registered user. Click on the Register link (top right) and supply your Name, Username, Password and eMail address, etc., etc., and click on Register. A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. If you are a registered user already, you can skip this step.


Step 2

Become a Reseller
You will need to drop us an email using the standard contact form here stating your wish to become a Reseller, along with your registered user and email address.


Step 3

Login to the Reseller’s Area
Once you login as a Reseller (using your current user and password), you should see a new menu item: Reseller (Buy Promo Codes):


Clicking on this menu item will effectively bring you to the Reseller’s Area.


Step 4

Navigate the Reseller’s Area
There are 3 main areas in the Reseller’s Area. If you’re new to the Reseller’s Area, most sections will be empty. The 3 sections are:

 Bulk Orders 

The Bulk Orders section contains controls to help you purchase initial stock, plus a grid of your previously purchased stock. There are a variety of options included for purchasing stock. It goes without saying that the more you buy, the greater the discount.

Here is what a typical, empty Bulk Orders section looks like:


Here is what a typical Bulk Orders section looks like, once used:


Bulk Orders are purchased and paid for with PayPal.


The Summary section contains information regarding your Bulk Order purchases. This information includes lifelong Total Bulk Packs Ordered, Total Bulk Count, Total Bulk Pack Investment, Available Assignable Codes and Available Free Codes. Concerning the Available Free codes, these are given to all Resellers, but may only be consumed through the automated Promo Code creation process. So even though you may be starting out as a Reseller, Available Free Codes are not lost; they get accumulated until you are ready to step up and begin using the automated Promo Code creation process, at which time the Free Codes are immediately available to you.

Here is what a typical Summary section looks like:

Information on the Summary section is updated immediately. 

 Promo Codes 

The Promo Codes section contains controls for creating, editing, deleting and assigning Promo Codes. These are created depending upon the amount of stock currently available.

Here is what a typical Promo Codes empty section looks like:


Here is what a typical Promo Codes section looks like, once used:


Free Promo Codes generated by the automated Promo Code creation process will also show up here.

Any Promo Code generated and assigned can be sold, and they will be valid within the Neural-Lotto website and can be effectively applied by end-users (customers).


Step 5

Purchase Stock
You will need to purchase at least one Bulk Pack (stock) before you can create one or more Promo Codes. There are several options to choose from:


If you are just starting out as a Reseller, you can choose a smaller pack to get your feet wet. More experienced, smart Resellers usually aim at medium to large packs to get greater discounts and higher margins. For example, take the largest Bulk Pack we offer—the $9,750 dollar, 20 thousand stock Bulk Pack. It has an actual retail value of at least $30,000 dollars. Neural-Lotto predictions (which retail for at least US$1.50 each) already sell like hotcakes, virtually selling themselves the world over. To a Reseller, the potential profits are staggering!

All Bulk Packs must be purchased through PayPal and will be immediately available as stock in your Bulk Orders section.


Step 6

Create Promo Codes
You can either create Promo Codes manually using the provided user interface, or have your website create them automatically on-demand using the available Secure Automated Promo Code Creation Process. The SAPCCP offers various key features as compared to the manual process. For example, your website can automatically:

• Create an assigned Promo Code on-demand
• Retrieve the Promo Code for further processing (such as mailing it to your customer)
• Request a free Promo Code from your Available Free Codes (such as a free gift to your new sign-ups)
• Query the SAPCCP to know how many Available Free Codes you have (which you can then advertise)
• Query the SAPCCP to know how many uses are left for a particular Promo Code (which you can then inform your customer)

Either way, assigned Promo Codes are “live” and can be sold. Promo Codes are deducted from your stock; however, you can edit or delete non-assigned Promo Codes and they will be credited towards your stock. Only assigned Promo Codes are permanently deducted from your stock and cannot be undone. Once you run out of stock, you will need to purchase more.

Though we can’t help out in your actual website implementation, we can provide a couple of coding examples (PHP and .NET) for your convenience.

If done manually, you can download the Promo Code list and sell each code on a case by case basis. Either way (manually or automatically), Promo Codes must be kept secret between you and your customer, as anyone who gains access to a working code can effectively steal and use it indiscriminately until it’s used up.


Step 7

Start Making a Ton of Money!
We’ve done all the hard work for you already. Neural-Lotto predictions are in HUGE demand. Once you’ve setup a suitable website, specially a website that takes advantage of SAPCCP, it will be like a money-making machine, generating profits while you sleep! You will probably need to provide a little promotion to your site (eBay is great for this), but other than that, it just can’t get any easier! Once people know you are offering Neural-Lotto predictions at a fraction of the retail cost, orders will start flooding in!

Here’s what a typical money-making automated website workflow might look like:




Final Thoughts   

Since you, as a Reseller, can build custom Promo Codes worth any number of predictions, the sky’s the limit! They can be sold online, or through a variety of ways. Bold and sophisticated Resellers might benefit with a little food for the creative brain. Here’s an idea:


A sharp Reseller might opt to sell pre-paid cards such as those of iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc., etc. These cards can be on display at physical, brick-and-mortar stores all over the U.S. and abroad. Like we said, the sky’s the limit. Here’s another idea:


Neural-Lotto Promo Codes can be sold through an SMS subscription-based marketing campaign, etc. These can either be a per-purchase event, or subscribers can get Promo Codes every week, etc., until they cancel their subscription. Many imaginatives ways exist that can help you, as a Reseller, earn top-dollar profits. Finally, here is one more idea:

A beverage bottle screw cap marketing campaign can have amazing possibilities and potential. Thousands upon thousands, or even millions of Promo Codes can be sold virtually overnight! A joint venture with a beverage company is something worth considering very seriously. And since Promo Codes have a Reseller-defined expiry dates, your campaign can be controlled however closely you wish.

So there you have it. Just a few ideas if you’re a savvy Reseller who wants the whole enchilada, or you’re just starting out with an automated money-making website. Either way, there are a miriad of options and possibilities waiting for you.

The choice is yours.